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Grace Home Schoolers

Home School Support Group and Co-op

GHS Geography Fair

For years the Curtises and Nolettes have been part of Grace Home Schoolers, a home school support group in Central Florida. This group provides information, support, biography, geography, and science fairs, a fine arts night, and lots of fun field trips.

We have had the pleasure to teach classes together in the Friday Enrichment Program, which offers enrichment classes to Middle School and High School age home school students. In the past Grace Home Schoolers has offered a huge variety of classes:

Alice in Wonderland GHS T-Shirt GHS T-Shirt Back

In 2007 the yearbook staff made up these great t-shirts to sell as a fund raiser. We loved the concept so much we'd like to share in better detail the "Nutrition Facts".

Nutrition Facts

For the first time this year, both Meredith and Laura are teaching separate classes. Meredith will be teaching British Literature and Laura will be teaching Introductory Web Design. Here's a peak at all the classes they are offering this year at the Grace Home Schoolers Friday Enrichment Program.

GHS Government


This great group also has a great program for families with younger students. It's called Creative Learning Days. The kids really enjoy these classes. All the adult volunteers are loving and caring home school parents who really enjoy what they are teaching. This year at Grace Home Schoolers Creative Learning Days the kids will enjoy:

Mt. Dora Doodle Bug Train RIde

Grace Home Schoolers is an all volunteer support group. There are fees for all activities and programs. They cover the costs involved but nothing extra.

To check out this great group for yourself, see their website at http://gracehomeschoolers.com