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Homeschooling High School to the Glory of God

If your homeschooling journey includes high school and you are looking for some ideas on designing your own classes, then you are the person we are writing for. This series is for you and your family!

When Meredith’s oldest daughter was 12, she began planning her high school curriculum. There were so many things on Meredith’s heart for her to learn, books she wanted her to read, and dreams she had for her high school education. She designed her entire high school curriculum. This curriculum has been adapted for the rest of Meredith and Laura’s children. They have been the guinea pigs so that their younger siblings can have the best classes possible.

Our classes have been, are, and will be adapted to every child to fit their own needs and designed to take advantage of opportunities that arise, such as coop classes, vacations, and seminars. This series is simply our philosophy of educating our high school children at home, along with classes we have used in our families over the years. Hopefully, you will be inspired to create your own classes! Or, you can adapt our classes however you would like to! After all, you are the teacher!

Our goal for high school is to provide a general education that can be a springboard to any and every possible career and education path that exists for our children. That is a HUGE goal, so we may not reachWeb Design Class it, but if we aim for nothing we’ll hit nothing, so we are aiming for something BIG! With that in mind, we try to cultivate and develop gifts, talents, and goals. We don’t expect our teenager to know what he/she is going to want to do for the rest of his/her life, so we try to prepare for ALL possibilities.

It's important to do all things for the Glory of God. Here are some classes that we designed.

Old Testament Survey Teaching Literature in High School cover  Economics, Finance, and Business Class